Spare parts supply

In the spare parts department our experienced team will happily provide their expert advice and support.
Our services offered comprise delivery of the entire range of wearing parts. This starts with remeshing of the screening inserts and extends to direct conversion of screening machines. With decades of experience in screening and processing technology under our belts, we will prove to be your best possible contact.
We offer individual advice
  • Which screening system is the best for your application?
  • What equipment is necessary?
  • Is it possible to retrofit options?
  • Is rapid machine conversion guaranteed if there are frequent product changes?
Our service
  • 24-hour service for standard spare parts, in an emergency also at weekends and public holidays
  • Replacement and wearing parts in genuine quality, for the safety of your machine
  • A spare parts concept specially adapted to your requirements – spare and wearing parts without waiting a long time!
Screen meshing
By using modern meshing devices and attachment methods, we ensure the quality of the meshed screen frame. We keep more than 150 different fabric types in stock on a continuous basis.
Our service
  • Rapid delivery times
  • Use of different attachment methods such as gluing, brazing and clamping, in accordance with FDA/BGVV requirements
Productivity keeps your operation in profit. Think about modernization of your screening machines or lines in good time.
Modernization, conversion or retrofitting of your older screening machine can represent a worthwhile alternative to a new purchase.
Our service
  • We carefully and precisely assess the condition of the machine. 
  • On request, we are also happy to handle the subsequent ATEX certification.

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Axel Mank

Service Director Screening Technology

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