Tumbler screening machines TSM/tsi

The Allgaier tumbler screening system offers optional adaptation to meet the most exacting requirements, and is used in fine and ultrafine screening throughout the world.

The screening system is subject to continuous further development. It offers a wide range of equipment options. The number of different screen cleaning devices available represents a unique feature: Balls, air, brushes, ultrasound or combinations of the above keep the screen meshes clear and make the screening process efficient.


The benefits

  • Screening method that is not harmful to the product
  • Fractioning down to 0.032 mm
  • Dust removal, protective screening, fractioning
  • High separation precision with up to 99 % screening quality
  • Throughput up to 40 t/h
  • 9 sizes with diameters between 600 mm and 2900 mm
  • Screen surface/deck 0.28 – 6.40 m2
  • One to 5 decks for 2 – 6 fractions
  • Greatest hygienic design for pharmaceuticals and food
  • Special versions such as mobile frames, quick clamps or folding hoods

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