Static fluidised-bed dryer/cooler WS-T/K

The group of static (non-vibrating) fluidised-bed dryers includes, for example, fluidised-bed dryers with immersed heat exchangers (heating surfaces or cooling surfaces), suspension and paste dryers, and spray granulation dryers.


In bulk materials that are easily fluidised and have a close particle distribution, or which are non-adhesive, it is possible to dispense with the supporting effect of vibration transport for fluidisation of the solid.
Higher fluidised-bed heights and somewhat higher air speeds than in vibration drying are used in order to achieve homogenous fluidisation. The higher air flow speeds mean that the upper parts of the dryer configured as an expansion hood are frequently higher and wider than in vibration dryers.


Drying of plastic granulate, fodder, sugar, yeast, pharmaceutical granulate, potato granulate; expansion of foam granulate, heating of urea, cooling of cocoa, iron sulphate ("copperas") and other salts as well as almost all batch processes.

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