Pharmaceutical system WS-CA

In addition to our continuous fluidised-bed systems, Allgaier offers the most modern, PLC-controlled batch systems which meet GMP and FDA requirements in full.


The machine can be positioned inside a production area and a fully separate technical area ("white area"/"grey area"). The system can dry most products that can be fluidised, as well as being used for spray granulation, agglomeration, instant powder generation and coating.


Our systems offer the latest equipment features and a level of quality that meets the exacting requirements of the pharmaceuticals industry.

  • Systems of the type "WURSTER" are used for particel-coating. 
  • Automated systems for machine cleaning (washing in place - WIP or cleaning in place - CIP).
  • Optional equipment:
    • Explosion-proof
    • With systems for drying in the inert circuit gas
    • For solvent recovery
  • The qualification documentation (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ) for validation are provided either as parts of the system services or when the system is delivered.

We have particular expertise in designing continuous drying processes for pharmaceutical products.


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