Optical sorting technology

With Mogensen MSort opto-electronic sorting systems and Mogensen X-ray sorting systems, it is possible to remove foreign bodies from materials which were previously not able to be sorted.


MSort separates products with extremely varied compositions and colour differentiations, which are difficult to sort, according to brightness criteria, colour characteristics or unit size and achieves a high level of purity. We have developed various machine types depending on the application.


Improved exploitation of raw materials, increased product quality and reduced processing costs deliver not only a financial but also an ecological benefit.


  • Recycling glass (flat and hollow glass)
  • Plastic flakes (PET, PE, PP, PVC)
  • Different industrial minerals (limestone, talc, magnesite, refractory materials)
  • Rock salt
  • Particle size analysis

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Further information is available at www.mogensen.de

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