Fluidised-bed dryer/cooler

Fluidised-bed dryers and coolers are suitable for a wide range of processes for dealing with solids and liquids. We specifically recommend fluidised-bed dryers for mature process solutions in which the production parameters remain largely constant.


An upwardly directed air flow which is heated for drying, for example, causes the solids that are being treated to be fluidised. A fluid-like condition is achieved in the fluidised solid, thereby creating optimum drying, reaction and handling conditions.

Delivery range

Allgaier has a particularly wide delivery range for almost all areas of industry. Fluidised-bed dryers are particularly used in the chemicals industry and in pigment manufacture, in the foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries, the construction materials, mineral and ceramic industries, for fertiliser manufacture as well as in the plastics and recycling business.

Special solution

Granulation dryers (fluidised-bed spray granulation) and suspension and paste dryers are special solutions for processing fluids in fluidised beds. They are suitable for continuous and batch processes.


Drying of moist bulk goods such as granulates and agglomerates, crystals, powders or else cooling them at the same time as removing dust ("filler removal"), warming, heating or roasting, calcination, agglomeration, accretion granulation or deagglomeration as well as moistening ("coating", see also "WURSTER" coating), expanding, chemical reformulation as well as drying of fluids such as suspensions or solutions and processing of sludges, pastes, crystal mush and filter cake.

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