Densimetric tables


ALMO S.A.U. is the leading company in developing technology for separating two dry materials with a different density.
This technology is used successfully in many sectors such as the chemistry, wood, recycling (compost, rubble from demolition work, aluminium, etc) or the food and drink industries.
GOSAG densimetric tables achieve outputs that surprise clients due to their efficiency in the separation process.
ALMO S.A.U. has a testing plant available for clients where tests are performed that, along with its extensive experience, guarantee the desired output, efficiency and capacity.

Working principle
Dry densimetric separation is achieved on an inclined treatment bottom with vibratory motion. A current of rising air crosses this bottom, which has two effects on the material to be treated:
Less dense products float without touching the base and slide to the bottom part due to the tilt.
More dense products touch the bottom and are pushed towards the top due to the vibration.
The greater the difference in density of the products, the greater the grain size bands treated.

ALMO S.A.U. manufactures two densimetric table models, depending on the level of severity of the application:
FM model. Used to treat products with low density and medium grain size. They have a robust design with wear and tear parts for severe operating conditions. There are 4 versions depending on their width (0.7, 1, 1.5 and 2.4 m.).
M model. Used to treat products with a high density and grain sizes up to 80 mm. They have a specially robust design so that materials such as crushed minerals or metals can be treated. Three models are manufactured depending on their width (0.7, 1 and 1.5 m.).
The two models can be supplied with or without a dust collection system and this can be via a cyclone or bag filter.
In the case of the M model, an extractor hood and ducts can be installed to fully or partially re-circulate the air.

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