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The Allgaier CD Dryer

The Allgaier CD Dryer Disk Dryer is a contact dryer for recovering dry materials from solids-laden liquids such as solutions and suspensions. The liquid to be processed is fed using a pump and several nozzles onto an assembly of disks heated from the inside by steam. The liquid evaporates from the surface of the heated disks. The remaining dry material, after one rotation, is scraped from the surface of the disks using blades making contact with the disks. The resulting dry material is transported out of the dryer by way of a product discharge. The vapors are then removed with a high water vapor concentration. Due to this, the thermal energy losses with the dryer exhaust air are relatively low.

The CD Dryer excels with particular energy efficiency. The disk assembly provides a substantially more compact design than comparable contact dryers such as drum dryers. In addition, the transferable thermal power per m² of heated surface is higher than for drum dryers.

The CD Dryer is used to dry the following:

  • industrial wastewater
  • ceramic suspensions and enamels
  • salt solutions
  • pigments in suspension
  • china clay slurries
  • bentonite slurry
  • resins
  • brewery wastewater
  • yeast suspensions
  • liquid egg
  • gelatin
  • fish offal
  • paint wastewater
  • hydroxides
  • silicates in suspension
  • liquid concentrations of tin, zinc, tungsten, nickel, and others
  • graphite in suspension


In addition to the application for producing dry materials from liquids, liquids can be partially vaporized, increasing the concentration of the liquid. The CD Dryer is a robust alternative to upright thin film evaporators.

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