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AEF-Ateliers d'Emboutissage de Faulquemont s.a.r.l

AEF Ateliers d’Emboutissage de Faulquemont S.à.r.l., France

The company based in Metz was founded in 1977 as a French subsidiary of the Allgaier Group. It produces high-quality pressed parts and components for the automotive and components industry, supplying the French market and exporting worldwide especially to Germany and Eastern Europe.

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ATELIERS D’EMBOUTISSAGE DE, Zone Industrielle Rue, Dr Dieter HUNDT, Boite postale 51 57380 Faulquemont Frankreich
+33 3 87292460
+33 3 87915743

Allgaier Werke GmbH

Phone: +49 7161 301-0
Fax: +49 7161 32452

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